“The greatest vegetable circus on earth!”  THE IRISH TIMES
Enjoy a show of pure mayhem as two idiots try to put on an amazing circus spectacular using only a chair and a box of vegetables!
Cirque de Légume are bringing their mayhem to the BASQUE COUNTRY this August with dates in Llodiio on August 16th and Araia on August 17!   Eskerrik asko!
Cirque de Légume gratefully acknowledge the support of Culture Ireland

“Rarely will you have as much fun with a vegetable as when Ireland’s Cirque de Légume combines clowning and carrots, laughter and leeks.  When their mothers told  them not to play with their food they didn’t listen!” 
-Mark Fisher, Edinburgh Festivals Magazine
“Hilarious!”- Time Out New York
“Consummate physical comedians!” The New York Times

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